Concrete Stain Raleigh

Concrete stain produces a random, semi-translucent, and unique effect.

concrete staining Raleigh

Are you wondering how to revitalize your dull concrete floors without spending a small fortune or going through the hassle of replacing the whole floor?

Concrete staining may be what you are looking for if you want something that will give your home or business individuality.
Concrete staining adds color to the floor and produces a beautiful opaque effect.
Its distinctive look is often described as ‘vintage’ or ‘unique’ and can completely transform the look of a dull concrete floor by adding character.

At Epoxy Flooring Raleigh, we specialize in durable and long-lasting concrete acid staining, which can be applied on new and old concrete floors to provide translucent color tones that become a permanent part of the surface.

We use water-based acidic solutions for our acid staining, containing metallic salts that react with the concrete lime. As every concrete is different in composition, age, condition and location, the reaction between the acid and the concrete is always different.

This is why every stained concrete floor is different and unique.  We always apply the stain on a test area to see how the acid will react with your concrete.

Concrete Staining Benefits

Durable Icon


Deep concrete penetration by concrete stains keeps the concrete from deteriorating, chipping, fading, or changing color over time.
UV light, moisture, and heat won't damage the surface.

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Add a new color, or improve and renew the color uniformity and intensity of previously colored concrete floors, interior floors and exterior broom finished concrete surfaces.

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Budget Friendly

Clean, Stain and Seal, we can finish your acid-stained floor quickly and efficiently, leaving you with a low-maintenance, attractive surface. Concrete Staining is one of the market's most budget-friendly flooring solutions.

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Easy To Clean

Concrete stained floors are simple to keep clean and maintain, much like other smooth, non-porous surfaces. In addition, it will improve the health of your family, clients, or employees by keeping out allergens and pathogens like dust mites and pollen.

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acid staining Process

Acid staining is an affordable way to revitalize and protect your worn and dull concrete floors. With acid staining, you can create a range of shapes and hues on your floors. However, because the end result depends on the concrete composition, age and condition, no two acid stained floors will ever be the same.

1. Prepare it

We start every project by cleaning your concrete floors. Then, depending on the condition of the floor, we either mechanically grind the top layer to remove any old coatings, stains, dirt, oils and grime or for new and unsealed concretes we pressure wash the concrete.

2. repair it

We then repair any imperfections on the floor. Again, this is to ensure the structural integrity of the concrete slab.

3. Repair It

Once we tested the acid on a hidden area of the floor, we move on to spraying the acid color on the floor. Once the concrete is sprayed, we leave the stain to react with the concrete and do its magic. Depending on the concrete, we may have to repeat this step until we reach the desired color.

4. Seal It

The final step is to apply a protective UV stable concrete sealer that will protect your strained floor from discoloration and damage.


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