Concrete Sealing Raleigh

Concrete can be protected from surface deterioration, corrosion, and discoloration brought on by the elements and everyday use by sealing it.

Concrete Sealing Raleigh

Concrete floors are becoming more and more popular amongst home and business owners. And with no surprise, thanks to their availability in every building and amazing properties.
However, due to its porosity, unsealed concrete floors are prone to faster wear and tear, structural damage and joint corrosion due to water and moisture.

If you are wondering how to protect your concrete floors and minimize the wear and tear they experience, Epoxy Flooring Raleigh has the solution for you.

We specialize in concrete sealing, an ingenious and cost-effective way of protecting and enhancing the look of your concrete floors. Offer two types of concrete sealing - grind and seal for old concrete floors and clean and seal for newly installed or previously unsealed concrete floors. The two options have different floor preparation methods, but both offer a minimalistic and modern finish, with an industrial and rustic vibe to them.

Our concrete sealing service is ideal for Raleigh's residential, commercial and industrial properties such as garages, warehouses, bars, logistical centers, offices, retail shops, restaurants, and more.

Concrete Sealing Benefits

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Our concrete sealers are made to improve the characteristics of concrete floors by guarding against liquid damage, cracks, chipping, and joint corrosion. In addition, sealed concrete floors can resist marking from tires and heavy equipment.

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Reduce Concrete Dust

You will start noticing fine concrete dust on your concrete floors when they begin to exhibit indications of deterioration. The fine concrete dust may negatively impact the health of people, precious goods, and equipment. By removing the damaged top layer and sealing it, sealing your concrete stops this from happening.

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Water Tight

Basements, foyers, entryways, and garages are the locations where unsealed concrete floors are most frequently seen. Water ties these locations together. Fortunately, our concrete sealers are waterproof and can stop future water damage to your concrete floors. Water will damage concrete and create corrosion.

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Budget Friendly

Sealing your concrete floors and stopping deterioration is much more cost-effective than replacing a damaged, unsealed concrete floor. In addition, it costs much less to install and maintain sealed concrete floors than needing to repair your concrete every six months.

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Concrete sealer is an affordable way to preserve the natural look of your concrete. It has a minimalistic, industrial vibe, and this clean, modern and straightforward surface can look great in any of Raleigh's residential, commercial or industrial spaces.

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Easy To Clean

Sealed concrete floors have a smooth, non-porous surface that will not harbor any dirt, dust, bacteria or allergens. As a result, water and liquids won't be able to penetrate the surface and leave stains on it. Cleaning your Raleigh concrete floors will require only a stiff bristle brush with some light detergent or a floor scrubber for larger areas.

Concrete Sealing Process

Almost any structurally sound concrete floor can be sealed. Sealing your concrete floors not only protects them from wear and tear but also enhances their look for a fraction of the price of polished concrete.

1. Grind it

For old concrete floors or floors that have any type of coating of flooring applied to them, we start by mechanically grinding the top layered of the floor. This removes any traces of floor glues, oils, paint, stains or dirt. This also helps to achieve the correct profile for the sealer to penetrate into the floor.

1. Clean it

For newly poured concrete slabs that do not have any stains or coatings applied to them, we start by deep cleaning the slab to remove any built up dirt and grime.

2. Repair It

Once the concrete floor has been thoroughly cleaned, we move to repair any imperfections such as cracks and holes.

3. Seal It

Once the floor has been repaired, we move to applying the UV stable concrete sealer. The sealer comes in matt, gloss and satin finish, and it's designed to protect your floors from damage, wear and tear, chemicals and abrasion.


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