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concrete grinding Raleigh

Concrete grinding and professional floor preparation are vital for many commercial and industrial projects around Raleigh which are planning to invest in new flooring.

At Epoxy Flooring Raleigh, we use a range of professional floor grinders for surface preparation to help clean and remove contaminants such as old paint, old flooring systems and oils. By grinding your concrete floors, we also level out the floor and fix any imperfections in the concrete floor, slab or walkway. Even floors are essential for preventing breakdowns of your forklifts or manufacturing equipment.

Concrete Grinding Raleigh is the easiest, fastest and best way to prepare your concrete floors for new flooring, especially epoxy flooring, polished concrete or concrete sealing, where the flooring requires a clean surface and correct concrete profile to bond with.

floor tile removal Raleigh

Is it time to replace your worn out tiles, but you are putting it off because it's a labour intensive job that creates a lot of dust that needs to be somehow cleaned afterward?

We get it! Floor tile removal it's not a weekend DIY project. After all, one square foot of tiles can produce over a pound of dust. And that's a lot of dust that can be inhaled or cleaned afterward.

At Epoxy Flooring Raleigh, we have a dust free solution to removing your old ceramic floor tiles. We use special tile removal machines together with industrial vacuums with HEPA filters to remove any floor tiles.

Our vacuums remove the dust before it even reaches the air, creating a clean, dust free process.
With our Tile Removal Raleigh service, you receive a speedy, dust free service that leaves your concrete slab ready for the installation of your newly chosen flooring.

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carpet removal Raleigh

Are you ready to say goodbye to your old carpet or vinyl flooring? Removing old carpet or vinyl might sound like an easy DIY job, but the reality is that it is time consuming and backbreaking. Not to mention that many carpets cannot be disposed of in the general trash.

At Epoxy Flooring Raleigh, we specialize in removing residential and commercial carpets and vinyl flooring. We start by emptying the rooms, cutting the carpet/vinyl into sections, and disposing of it correctly.

Once your carpets/vinyl flooring is gone, we ensure your concrete floors are cleaned from any traces of glue and ready for your new flooring to be installed.

floor glue removal Raleigh

Was your old flooring glued to your concrete slab? Did it leave nasty glue patches that are preventing you from installing your new flooring?

Most flooring requires a clean substrate free of glue, paint or coatings. If your new flooring needs to be glued or you are installing seamless flooring, anything covering your existing concrete floor will prevent the new flooring from bonding to the concrete.

Getting rid of floor glue can be time consuming job that requires special floor equipment. At Epoxy Flooring Raleigh, we use special glue removal disks to remove mastic adhesive, so we can quickly get rid of any sticky glue, leaving a clean, dust-free concrete floor ready for your new floor covering.

Once we are done with the floor, your concrete will have a clean, free from contaminants surface that is ready for the installation of your new epoxy flooring, polished concrete or traditional flooring.


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