Polished Concrete Durham NC

Polished Concrete is suitable for all indoor areas where you need the ultimate floor solution.

polished concrete Floors Durham NC

Concrete is the most environmentally friendly flooring option. As a part of every residential, industrial, and commercial building in Durham NC, it is no surprise that polished concrete is becoming more and more popular amongst property and business owners.

Thanks to the concrete densifier and the polishing process, polished concrete is more durable, hardwearing and long-lasting than a traditional unsealed concrete floor. This makes it ideal for industrial and manufacturing facilities, warehouses, government buildings and logistics centers, where heavy vehicles and equipment are constantly used.

At Epoxy Flooring Raleigh, we offer a variety of polished concrete stone exposures and glossiness to suit different settings. Polished concrete is excellent for Durham NC residential, commercial and industrial environments. Their modern and luxurious look can elevate any warehouse, home, bar, restaurant, retail shop, big box store, hotel, office, residential or government building, museum and more.

Due to the cleanliness of the installation process and the lack of toxic or hazardous chemicals used, polished concrete floors can often be commissioned as soon as the project is completed, making it ideal for Durham NC industrial and commercial facilities that cannot afford to shut down for an extended period.

Polished Concrete Benefits

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Epoxy Flooring Raleigh uses a concrete hardener (densifier) when polishing your concrete flooring. Concrete densifier increases the concrete slab's durability and will be less prone to damage. 

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Reduce Concrete Dust

Polished concrete significantly reduces concrete dusting, and wear and tear, prolongs the life of your floor, and reduces the health risks associated with inhaling concrete dust that comes from unsealed concrete floors.

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Improve Lighting

Polished concrete's reflective qualities will increase ambient lighting in not only any space but also lower energy costs, boost safety, and provide the greatest possible protection for your company.

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Cost Saving

Every building's base is made of concrete, so what better way to save money than to use it as flooring? In addition, you won't need any floor covering materials with polished concrete, which will cut down on maintenance costs and downtime for your business.

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Matte Or Gloss

Polished concrete is the ultimate high-customized decorative flooring, available in various finishes from a grind and seal for industrial sites and warehouses to a high-gloss surface for Durham NC commercial and retail properties. To suit your requirements and décor, you can select the degree of stone exposure and gloss.

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Easy To Clean

In addition to safeguarding your floor and preventing damage, polished concrete is very easy to clean because it doesn't collect dust, filth, or allergens. Additionally, with the accompanying effort, costs, and time, waxes and coatings are not required with polished concrete.

Polished concrete
Durham NC Process

Almost every structurally sound concrete can be polished. However, there is an exception for new concrete floors, which must be at least 28 days old and fully cured before they can be polished. Polished concrete might be one of the most expensive decorative floorings on the market, but its durability, extended life span and almost zero maintenance are definitely worth the price tag.

1. Grind it

We start every concrete floor by mechanically grinding it to reveal the stones in the concrete slab and remove any dirt, grime, stails, old paint and sealers.

2. repair it

We then repair any imperfections in the floor. Fixing the cracks and holes in the floor is crucial for the integrity and durability of the floor.

3. Grind it

Once we are happy with the look of the Durham NC floor and the level of stone exposure is reached, we make many passes over the floor with various diamond grits, starting with a lower grit and moving to higher and finer grits.

4. harden it

When we are done with various passes with different diamond grits, we grout any remaining holes and apply a concrete hardener. The concrete hardener is important because it densifies the concrete and closes the gaps on the surface, making it a far stronger and more dense floor.

5. polish it

When the concrete hardener is fully cured, we start the polishing process with different resin polishing pads until we reach the desired sheen.

6. seal it

The final step is cleaning your floor and applying a protective UV stable topcoat. The topcoat will protect your new polished concrete from damage and wear and tear.


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